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Female players are becoming faster and stronger, increasing the forces of accidental impacts in girl’s lacrosse. Fortunately, there is now a new performance standard that approves the use of headgear to reduce the forces of accidental stick to head and ball to head impacts. Cascade, the industry-leader in lacrosse head protection on the men’s side, has recently introduced the LX headgear to protect female players.

Florida has trail blazed the way by mandating headgear, but the movement has started to spread throughout the country with heavy adoption in the northeast. Headgear has also caught the attention of coaches and players at the collegiate level. Click here to read what lacrosse great and Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse coach Gary Gait has to say on the changes in women’s lacrosse and providing headgear to his Syracuse players. To learn more on the momentum behind head protection in girl’s lacrosse, see the videos below.

Headgear in the News

“After having multiple head injuries during the 2016 and 2017 girls lacrosse seasons, I met with the athletic director, trainer, and coach and all of us agreed to try the new Cascade headgear to hopefully reduce the number of head injuries. Pelham High School is happy to report “0” head injuries during the 2018 girls lacrosse season. I want to personally thank Cascade for coming up with this product as it has proven, in this case to help reduce the number of head injuries sustained by the athletes in my school.”

               – NHIAA Girls Lacrosse Chairman & Pelham HS Principal Gary Dempsey


For the full article, click here.

The History of Headgear

Learn more on how the rise of head injuries in women’s lacrosse lead to the ASTM Standard and the first integrated headgear system introduced by Cascade.



Specifically designed for women’s lacrosse, the LX’s proven protection and lightweight ventilated design make it easy to be protected on the field.

Integrated goggle for increase face comfort and easy ability to gear-up.

One size fits most with customizable fit system.

Meets ASTM standards for goggles and headgear.


Keep It Simple

Our integrated goggle system relieves the facial pressure experienced by a separate goggle. LX one-piece protection keeps gear simple.

Stay Strong, Yet Flexible

The LX outer shell is tough on impact, but still soft and flexible to the touch to keep unprotected players safe.


XRD® Technology offers maximum comfort with the ability to dissipate forces experienced upon impact.

Find Your Fit

We’ve designed the LX to adjust to varying head shapes and sizes with our rear adjustable strap. And whether players are feeling a high braid or a low pony, the LX has duel hair slots for whatever they’re rocking that day. The LX also comes with three interchangeable cheek pad sets to help players find that perfect fit.

Air It Out

We know what it’s like to heat up on the field. We’ve built in large air vents to keep players breezy, dry and comfortable.


The LX outer shell gives plenty of room to represent with custom team decals.